Some new photos from Beamish Museum. These have been waiting for me for a while now. I went at the end of September! We had a good day with the weather and although I am shockingly short of photos of Beamish itself since I seemed to get distracted by the animals it was a great place to take your camera. We did queue for the traditional Fish and Chips but must say on this occasion we were disappointed as the fish was rather wet. The chips were incredible though. Possibly not worth the hour and a half wait though 😦 Continue reading Beamish

Trip to Cumbria and Leeds German Market

A few photos for you. These are just small photos taken on my phone and part of my Instagram collection. More photographs will follow using my camera and editing. But for now, here they are. The first set are from a recent trip to Cumbria where I was closing down the caravan for the year, which was a bit sad as it is very much a good bye as the next time I go I’ll be bringing it back to sell. So this is a bit of a farewell to our beloved Peter’s Field near Scout Green. I spent a … Continue reading Trip to Cumbria and Leeds German Market