Photos: Newmillerdam

Well, more photos for you! I had to brave the wind and rain – and then turn back as I had forgotten the bread, something much needed on this session. šŸ™‚

Overall, it was a dark dingy day but I tried to make the best of it. My favourites are of the robin, who was quite quick on his feet so I am glad I was able to keep up with him in some of the photographs. I also managed to break my tripod! So I have been choosing a replacement. I had been planning on buying a new one anyway but this has definitely speeded the process up, so hopefully I will be able to get out and try that out soon as well. I am still experimenting with my new lens and all of these shots were taken using it. Also, practising with my manual programming of the camera so looking to improve is my main goal.

I’m keeping an eye on Newmillerdam for the return of its bluebells, as this for me is when it looks its most beautiful, or in snow. I can’t decide. Either way one or the other shouldn’t be too far away now.

Hope you like.



IMG_4870_2IMG_4863_2 IMG_4881_2


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